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The nutrient material that having certain content is in human body, no matter lack which kind of nutrition substance, the metropolis is right healthy cause veryLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Big impact. To the child, be like,be moreNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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This. Because the child is in the phase of development, if lack nutrient substance, can bring an influence to the child’s development. The child lacks nutrition to have certain semiotic show commonly. The symptom that child nutrition lacks introduces for everybody below!

The child is short of how to be checked

1, the child is grumpy, move more. Child mood change is sharp, piquant and changeful a little while happy get angry a little while, the nature that parents consider as the child is such, do not care about, but the child also may be devoid vitamin B.

2, the child is unresponsive. The child is unresponsive, often also do not go up to learning, because child intelligence quotient is low,this may not be, be short of iron however, be short of protein. The meeting that be short of iron causes an effect to ability of the child’s acknowledge, study, and the important part that protein regards composition as the cell, cerebral cell nutrition is inadequate, how does the child become clever?

The child is short of how to be checked

3, the child often falls ill. The child falls ill, parents may consider as the child inherent body weak, mostForum of Shanghai night net

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Close contagion is sent high. But if the child lacks protein, the resistance with respect to disease of meeting convection travel is very poor, immune force drops, fall ill easily.

4, child constipation, halitosis. The prandial fiber nutrition that this is the child is inadequate, nod coarse food grain, vegetable more to the child.

5, the child stupid, love falls ill. Mom give child filling calcium every day, want to make the child long tall, but filling zinc? Zinc is the very important microelement inside human body, to a lot of metabolization in the bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Having big effect, the meeting that be short of zinc affects force of body development of the child, cerebral ministry development, immunity to drop.

The child is short of how to be checked

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In addition, the vitamin that still has a lot of, microelement grows with the child’s body having inseparable concern. If you feel your child ” stupid ” , write do not complain, look after children go to a hospital checking, it is child nutritionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Undesirable, need compensatory vitamin. Although living standard is high now, want what to eat to be able to be bought, but also cannot all day long eats the meat to the child, want all of flesh of shrimp of vegetable fruit fish to eat ability to make sure nutrition is balanced, in sort much and either the amount is much, can be just the opposite to what one wished however otherwise, eat more to make the child hidebound instead.

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