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The genital that everybody knows the man to the male it is a very important organ, if the man appears the phenomenon of genital bleb, can great influence is healthy, especially to the baby, if be in small when appear genital bleb is the normal growth that can affect genital, and the child still is met often cry be troubled by, so is genital bleb right fetal what is affected?

 Genital bleb is right fetal influential

This ill patient does not have particularly apparent show commonly, but can feel pudenda has a kind of glowing feeling. Next, in the place of sickenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can appear a few or many damask hammock rash, of afterwards evolve into blister. As the development of the illness, urine blister can turn purulent crack slowly, final meeting becomes the ulcer that has aching feeling, it is OK to suffer from a ministry to be returned commonly oneself cicatrization. Whether does the basis have a relapse instead, can divide to send gender and recrudescent sex formerly two kinds.

 Genital bleb is right fetal influential

1. sends a gender formerly

Preclinical it is 2~10 day commonly, course of diseases is 2~3 week, main good hair at the vulva, also can happen in ham inside, coxal, anus1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Week. Inchoate expression is local cutaneous Sao is urticant, glowing, immediately produces papule, can be tuft or form a cluster more, the formation of afterwards blister, blain, broken erosion or ulcer are formed after;burst;ulcerate;festering, the patient can feel ache, still can have the exudation of serous sex or purulent sex at the same time, scabby finally self-healing. Male homosexual patient, anal virus affects meeting occurrence anus, ache of occurrence anus rectum, blister, ulcer, constipation and in urgent hind heavy. Besides, the constant companion that sends a gender formerly has calorific, have a headache, myalgia, lack of power wait for systemic symptom and local lymph node enlargement.

2. recrudesce sex

Partial patient is gone to already had had pure herpes virus 1 model infection (basically be lip or face bleb) , contract pure herpes virus again again next 2 model, general good hair the 1~4 after infection month, can appear before sending rash glowing, prickle or feel unusual wait for a symptom, rash sends the place of infection formerly many now, without lymph node enlargement, but still have infectivity. Common course of disease is shorter, it is 7~10 day more, the meeting before coming on has certain inducement, wait like fatigue, excessive drinking, scar. Recrudescent frequency is general because of the person different, and meet chase as the extension of course of diseases decrescentShanghai night net

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 Genital bleb is right fetal influential

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Should undertake differentiating diagnostic with berpes zoster of dermatitis of sex of hard chancre, soft chancre, contact, genital. These diseases also can cause the skin of genital place damage, but basisFall in love with the sea

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Different clinical expression and lab are checked, can undertake differentiating, need as early as possible go to a doctor, let a doctor have make a diagnosis and give treatment.

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